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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Though none of our punters should be in the youth courts the kind of low level persistent grind of petty stupidity noted by a criminal solicitor seems to be visible everywhere. I don't like putting on the tory-vision backwards looking rose tinted spectacles but I'm sure the upsurge in criminal youth and the assiciated disorder is a new phenomena.

The general lack of understanding of the world outside their own small sphere and the consequences of their actions upon others can only be from a combination of home, school and peer group conditions. I see them every night I work and depending upon the venue I can reject them with ease or have to suffer their stupidity. The simple yet revolting things like spitting on the floor or putting cigarettes out on tables, not ashtrays, are one sign of it. The other more violent end is the ability to get into scraps with folk without any awareness of their actions consequences.

I think in a post-thatcherite UK there is a greater separation between action and consequences in the minds of today's youth and it's time to buckle up your seatbelts and hold on tight as it's only gonna get worse as the little blighters start to drive/breed/work for you/work with you/vote.

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Wheeler said...

First visit to the site, looking forward to following it...Don't you think that Thatcher's 'ME FIRST !' philosophy might have started some of this off ? Treating the rest of society as competition can't be good for cohesion in my view.