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Friday, May 19, 2006

Out of toon

For some reason, I can't find the will power to deduce, this city gets seasonal influxes of groups from the industrial north east. They arrive by train or hired coach and proceed to stagger around town from one new pub experience to another in groups of about 20, wearing the smart end of casual clothing and being louder than a bunch or horny howler monkeys. Dropping bottles taken from the last bar on the pavement to likey smash. Singing very loudly and coarsely. Swearing, staggering and piggy backing down the streets as they progress to the next piss stop.

The ladies do this too but in less noisy gaggles, usually throwing in some shopping along with the drinking. It's left to the men of these north eastern industrial towns to wave the banner, sing the songs and generally let anyone within 200 yards know they're in town and intent on having fun. When I visit a city I like to gain some insight on each trip as to the place. Whether it's a visit to a sports ground or just a womble round the city centre, I like to enhance my knowledge of the place. I can't see any mertis to shuffling round a city from big chain pub to big chain pub. The piss light big brand lager here is much like the big brand piss light lager at home ya kno lads.

I don't like letting large groups in. I don't like letting loud groups in. I much prefer sending them to the anonymous large chain pubs which have the capacity and lack of atmosphere to not have it ruined by the presence of 20 pissed up smog living folk. I don't know a licencee in the city who likes their behaviour and the only thing welcome from them is their money and their departure.

If this sounds like an unreasonable gripe against a group of drinkers broadening their horizons consider all of the above happening at 2pm on a busy shopping saturday. Their bellows superinposed on the sounds of a city going about it's first day of the weekend.

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