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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Summer Sun

Now that the seasons appear to have shifted to the days of burnt grass, sweat patches and the occasional cloud I'm becoming most perplexed at working these new later hours.

With the new licences only coming in last autumn, well after the clocks changed, I didn't notice the change but now the days are lengthening and the birds are breeeding I do. I'm finding that when I want to get to sleep after a night of watching other folk have drunken fun the skies are already lightening and the birds are up and getting territorial already.

In the good old days when everything, including the free pint after the last punter left, was done by midnight it would only be the nightingales and owls making noises to keep you awake. Then suddenly more and more places ran later and later. I get used to the milkfloats buzzing past me on my way home but it's a real pain in the arse to try and get to sleep when the world is becoming brighter and louder by the minute.

Yes I could get black out curtains and could sleep with ear-plugs but I like having fresh air to sleep in and sunlight to wake up to. Given time I'm sure adjustment could be perfectly possible but when you only do 3 nights a week then back to 9-5's all the rest it does really build up.

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