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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Image II

Now linking in with the visual nature of human interactions, it's not what you do it's the way that you look doing it, I want a little word on chav image. Now that as a start is probably unfair as any individual from any group can display this kind of behaviour it's jus that chav's do it so well.

The cause of my consternation is that, some partially autistic bit of some individuals gives them, along with an awareness that image is important, absolutely no conception of others perception of them. The wearing things that you think will make you more appealing to both potential mates and your peer group is a highly common and very obvious human trait. Using the size and popularity of a brand name across your clothing to rate its desirablilty is not the system I employ but it is a system none the less.

More concerning to me is the situation where words are exchanged in a crowded/dark/very loud nightclub which one chav takes to be demeaning. Now it's highly likely nobody else heard this exchange, however the rather autistic bit of the brain kicks in and thinks that the whole world will have heard and will think that what has been said is the holy truth. In order to right this apparently hideous evil comitted against them they will fight tooth and nail in very obvious places. This kind of false bravado to protect your idea of how you are perceiced is the cause of alot of the trouble we get.

To contrast, those employed in the customer service industry have enough skills to conceive of a fairly accurate picture of how we are perceived. We don't think the world is going to end when we're called fat, ugly, stupid, of duboius parentage or other choice monosyllabic anglo-saxon. The people that hear these fine words will not hold it to be the absolute truth, they'll make their own minds up. It may be noted that most of the comments are true if not debatable.

I think that's it, the key point being they can make their own minds up. They have the capacity to formulate their own thoughts and decide for themselves. It is those who don't have that ability who run themselves into trouble. It may start with a lack of differentiated dress sense but it's symptomatic of poor perception of themselves and others in the world around them.
It won't ruin my night if I get called a c*nt, it'll probably make me smile at a job well done.

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