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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bitch Fights

There are more and more girl fights going on it seems. Not just the domestic skirmishes of the drunken butcher lesbians getting possessive over the even more drunken less butch lesbians. These always occur when too few Y chromosomes are present in the presence of alcohol and flirting.
No, this is the girl on girl scrapping over boys, ex-boys, drinks, dresses and the like which used to end in tears. Now its more often ending in full on bitch fights.
It's not just the hair pulling stand off where both parties get locked in an extended judo-like stance. These are always fun when you separate them and they both end up holding the other muppet's hair extensions and they have to hobble out in one high heel as the other shoe gets couriered to the front door by doorman express.
The type of things I'm running into more often are girls attempting to throw punches or each other around. I've seen a good girl on girl left hook but that was only once. Luckily the participants skill level is a lot lower than their blood alcohol or their anger level. This doesn't stop them attempting to bottle each other or even try and shove a broken bottle neck into the others face.
It poses an issue for the mainly male door teams though. If it's an old fashioned hair-pulling stand off you can see it's not escalating in a hurry. You can overwhelm both parties when support arrives and by bulk alone get both parties to submit to an exit in disgrace.
When it's a whole load faster and nastier, you can get a quick radio shout out but have to think fast. If I flatten one or both, they'll likely end up in A&E. If I leave it, crimes will be committed, A&E will still beckon and I'll have explaining to do.
What I do usually is move fast and light, enough to alter the situation in my favour but not incapacitate anyone. It's not ideal. I could end up with a punch or bottle coming my way but I feel better taking the risk than having to scrape bits off the floor every time. Others I work with seem to form a spectrum of views on this. I don't know what the right approach is but I'll need to find one with the increasing proportion of my physical interventions drunken chavvete fights are taking.


Anonymous said...

I have got to agree with you on this one,there is an increase in the pubs and clubs of women fighting. But i see it like this... 90% of men fighting are doing it for show, who seem willing to break it up when you stand between them. No face lost in front of their mates, fight broken up, he stood his ground, alls fair. Women generally go in for the kill, there's no stopping them, pull them apart they still have clumps of the others hair. They scream, kick, punch and scartch the hell out of you with their nails as well and even have been known to claim sexual abuse when ejected from the venue. This comes in the form mainly of grabbing them indecently when breaking up the fight and/or escorting them from the premesis. It is said Hell hath no fury like a woman (they got that right) :-)

an.otherdoorman said...

When i'm on the door I find it seriously muore intimidating when women are kicking off rather than men, because firstly and obviously you have to be careful not to hurt women as they can easily cause you problems, secondly they are much, much more difficult to stop. I once had someone come at me (and i'm sure others of you have too) with her stiletto branded as a knife, I was fairly new on the door and wasn't sure what to do - she was inches towards my face when a female member of doorstaff pushed her quite forcefully backwards; of course, using reasonable force!.... now i'm a bit more experienced, if a female fights like a man, i'll treat her no differently.

Anonymous said...

Lessons learned quickly, badly bruised, as a secondary level student teacher many years ago:
2 boys fighting - mainly posturing and will stop the moment adult steps in/takes arm
1 boy v 1 girl - take the boy leave the girl, or you get hurt
2 girls - stand well back, if they have got to stage of fighting, then they have lost it and you will get hurt.
Doesn't sound as if much has changed.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory on the differnece between girls and guys and behavior and fighting. Boys learn very early in life that unless they want to go all the way that there is a line they should never ever cross.
Girls never learn there is a line. So anyhting goes and usually will.
With six years doing the job I would rather deal with three or four drunk guys than on girl. Even drunk most guys know where the line is and pull up before thet get to it.