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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bad Nights

Some nights go tits up for a simple clear reason, others just go and go and go. You're short on numbers in the middle of the month and lower the bar for admission. All sorts of undesirable trash roll in and the inside teamroll's them out again. That's to be expected.
When the students return after a break, they roll in half cut and get rolled out fully cut an hour or two later. They're young and stupid and apart from the vomit they really don't cause any bother.
Other nights you just can't explain it. You let in a good healthy mix of locals, regulars and out of towners. You find a good male/female balance. The age range is fairly wide and you've not got too many big groups. All goes smoothly until one drunk gets his walking invitation, then 5 more in 20 minutes. Then there's one scuffle, then another then two at the same time. You might as well park a police van outside front door at this point as there'll be drugs finds, domestics and stranger scraps before the night is out. Where they come from, I have no idea. Maybe there's a fatal combination of songs that send people into a amoral state? Maybe there's a critical mass of incidents after which all bets are off? I've not got a scooby but it keeps me on my toes, even when I think it's going smoothly. It normally means a new shirt for me as there's only so much of other peoples claret I can be bothered to wash out of a cheap white shirt.

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