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Monday, September 01, 2008

Just go,

Why do the folk who've found themselves out on the street not just go away? Most will bimble about by front door, texting their mates still inside or just shouting abuse at us. They usually get bored and bugger off in a little while, once we've decided we're not letting them in, we are not letting them in. If they just go away and we don't have to see their pitiful faces for the rest of the night then the less chance we have of remembering not to let them in the next night they stumble round our way.
Some shuffle off, getting more abusive the further they get, that's amusing providing they move fast enough. If they move really slowly the police will often drive up slowly behind them, hear enough and have them cuffed before they realise it's not a taxi they've blocked by standing in the road to hurl abuse at us.
Others just don't go away. They sit across the road, or lean against the walls beside the doorway. They linger, occasionally trying to sneak back in or just lurking as if they've lost their purpose completely. They can linger for hours. Even after the doors are shut, the music's off, the dj's have left the building and the staff are emptying bottles into the bin. There's nowt for them but they just can't get moving or get over their ejection and the apparent social rejection this entails. Why they want to sit 'til they sober up on a vomit and beer stained street remains a mystery to me. They do go home, they're not still there in the morning. Why they don't take 5 minutes to gather themselves and sod off out of my night I have no idea.


an.otherdoorman said...

I am in anticipation of your next post.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the lurkers. Miserable and mad coz they have been evicted. On the phone to their cousin / brother / friends. The threats are promised, that i'll get battered and smashed up. Its 2am, i know when im not at work and someone phones me at 2am im pissed off. If i was woken by a drunken dickhead on the phone demanding i go into the town / city center to have a go at doorstaff, i know exactly what i would thell them. I'm pretty sure most of the punters get hung up on, but still appear to be on the phone, occasionally looking over and giving your description and the venue name. Ohh scary, so you're going to get your brother who once did martial arts when he was 13, well i better leave now.........