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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pulling my arm

When I'm working inside I'll occasionally be found standing still, just watching a situation develop. This is not the time for a drunken punter to be thinking that I need to be included in his drunken attempts at impressing his friends. He'll have said something funny or thrown some crazy dance move and then thought through the beer induced haze that I really need to be involved in his drunken moment. He'll wander up and touch my arm or god forbid put his arm around me to get me to play with him. I'll shrug him off and possibly shuffle off a little if it's practical. If he tries again I'll likely turn and advise him that I'm working and can't spare him the time. Then we have to see how stupid he really is. If he tries again I'll spin and possibly flatten him as I make it clear it's time for him to vanish, in a "there's the door, get through it" kind of way.
Hopefully whatever I'm watching will keep 'til I get back. If it won't, I'll sort it first then give the pillock my undivided attention.


an.otherdoorman said...

The question is, which is more annoying; the drunken punter trying to give you a cuddle or the drunken punter insisting that they want your picture? On saturday I had a couple of japanese/chinese punters try and take my photo while I was on the front door dealing with a reject, they didnt acknowledge that I was busy and just wouldn't piss off. My colleague noticed my frown and advised the women to go back inside. (btw, in case you wanted to know; reference to the broken wrist incident, not so good; currently on bail for GBH..)

Anonymous said...

Or even the drunken punter you won't let in who insists on throwing his arm around you and generally slurring something in your ear about being sober and to let him / her in. Words including c'monmatelerrusinimfineiam, yes it all comes out in one word. Mostly ending in a handshake and asking if they can come in tomorrow, then stagger off down the street bouncing off the walls, cars and lamposts, if they remain on their feet.