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Thursday, March 09, 2006

You're boring me

Now this weekend I encountered one of those annoying moments when you just feel like you're being a git but there's bugger all you can do about it. Two folk come to the front door and I thinking they might possibly be under 18 have an ask.

I've had 10 seconds of seeing them walking down a poorly lit street and she was wearing a hat so I saw her face for only a second. So I ask in my usual fashion if I can see some ID please. She has a drivers license, he has only a Student card. She is 23 so I missed by half a decade, he claims 22 and I'm inclined to believe he is. However now's when I'm forced to be a git. We work on a company policy of questioning for ID all folk we think look 21 or under. So 23 and 22 were not too bad to stop and ask. Unfortunately, when we ask and don't get we can't let the have nots in. So here am I faced with a nice couple of post-graduate type students with their mates already in and by policy I can't let the lad in despite the fact I by now am fairly convinced he's old enough. My associate on the door has left this one to me so I repeatedly inform said lad that he can't come in and I know it may sound daft but without a means to prove his age he's not getting in tonight.

After 10 mins of repeating this, boredom creeps in. The couple were not drunk, friendly, well spoken but miffed and I ended up just telling him to shut up and go away as he was boring me. To which he kept on talking but his other half said "Jesus, just shut up and come on, you're boring me too!"

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