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Friday, March 10, 2006

The time has come

It's that time of year again when the weather is set to improve and daylight starts to return and my natural instincts to hide away in a semi-hibernation come to an end. This means training.

This years dilemma is whether to train for strength or speed. Note the absence of even considering training for stamina. Inevitably there will always be someone stronger than you and someone faster than you. So do I go for bag work and road work slimming down and speeding up to add tone to my current bulk. The training takes longer but is faster to recover from and does lead to a good physique. Or do I go for strength, short blow out sets where I write off being able to use that muscle group for a few days. The latter does mean I get stupidly big and look alot more intimidating though the doorgut tends to stay put with all the protein and bulk gainers. I don't do gear to get big, just beast myself.

So the question, is this summer's look bigger is better or less is more?
I think this year I'll try and go slim and fast. Last year I got big. hopefully enough of the strength will stick and I'll still be as useful as I was. I'll keep you posted.

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