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Monday, March 13, 2006

Making young girls cry

Yes I've been at it again. There are occasions where despite my mother's best efforts I can't be a gentleman whilst doing my job. Picture the scene, I'm on the front door of the nightclub as the night winds down, the tills are closed and the letter of our licence says no one can be admitted.

Three young ladies arrive at the door. Actually, two ladies and a stripper of some local reknown arrive at the door. They ask very drunkenly if they can come in to which I reply,
"Sorry ladies, were closed, it's too late!" very politely put and intended to cause no offense.
"But you'll let us in, we'll be very good." comes one pleading response.
"Sorry ladies, no. We're closed" still remarkably polite.
"But we know James, he'd let us in" comes the reply.
Yes I do know James, he was fired from this club for being highly un-professional and had to leave under a cloud of doubt.
"Sorry ladies, he doesn't work here and I don't know you from Eve" slightly less polite but still wihtin the bounds of friendly.
"You're going to let us in, we're gorgeous, we'd make the place more beautiful" comes a further attempt.
"No ladies, best you head home, we're closed, it's too late" politely but rapidly losing patience.
"Call Tony, he'll let us in, he's a top mate" is their next attempt.
Figuring he might fancy a laugh and at 3 in the morning laughs are rare I ask on the radio if Tony would mind popping to the door if he has a minute, no problem. He responds with, 'busy at the mo give me 5.'
So I repeat the polite go away.
"You didn't call Tony. He'd let us in you're lying to me!" came the next response.
Drunken people aren't very observant but I don't push the point.
"Go away ladies, we're closed, it's cold and taxi's are dissapearing fast," practical and honest advice from me.
"No, just let us in" strops one lass again.
Me, patience lost though still within control, "Go away, you're boring me. I can't, won't and wouldn't let you in."
Her genius reply, "You go away you're boring me!"
"Sorry chuck, I get paid to stand here and freeze, if I'm boring go away. It'd make my night a lot nicer if you just vanished off into the cold dark scary night"
Cue her turning on the water works. Cue one, up to that point disinterested, friend getting aggrevated and warranting the passing plods to stop and ponder. Cue the stripper, whose IQ was probably lower than her bra size in inches, going "but why?" for the next 5 minutes.
My mother would be astounded, reducing a grown woman to tears, perplexing a stripper with a two letter word and nearly getting a section 5 for another.
Good work from me.

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