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Thursday, March 09, 2006


I'm concerned that in recent gabblings I've heard on the radio they're toying with saying drunk women can't consent to sex so it would by definition be rape. There goes my job!
If drunk men can't meet drunk women and by ritual strutting and cooing translate a vertical suggestion into a horizontal practice I'll be scuppered.

The vast majority of couples I know met through the nation's favourite social lubricant. If getting oneself willfully drunk in a situation where sex is on the agenda, which is most places with a dancefloor, could lead to rape charges, I'm worried. Will getting drunk and going on the pull stop? Will I have to stop drunk couples, not just from having sex in the toilets, but put them in separate taxis? Could I be in legal trouble for the premise that the man she came in with while nearly sober and has been kissing all night can't have her consent because now she's three sheets to the wind? This could be a well intentioned kick in the knackers to a large part of the national way of life.

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