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Monday, January 09, 2006

Welcome (but not dressed like that tonight sir)


These will be the musings of a doorman about:

Doorwork: The art of separating people from drink, violence, the floor and the premises without anyone noticing.

Doorstaff: The suprisingly varied bunch of identically dressed chimps in suits who do what we do, that's doorwork!

Punters: Tales from a long and ever increasing list of woe, stupidity and occasionally redemption for the people who seem to think the foetid hole of a badly lit noise box I work in is the best place for their big night out.

Life: Mainly tales from the lack of sleep, absence of social life, troubles with day jobs and general disorder that encroaches on normality arising from being a doorman.

Expect more to follow on a weekly/as I get bored principle.

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