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Monday, January 09, 2006

The system

The system is not 'Da man' trying to screw you out of your innate civil liberties. The system is the law, the licencee's, their agents and the owners trying to make money in a world full of overheads.
It's licensing hours and the penalties attached to breaking them and public entertainment licenses (now nearly one and the same). It's the prohibitive cost of opening a venue when only 25 punters think you'll be a good place to spend their beer money. It's the shocking cost of staffing and stocking 5 bars open for only 4-6 antisocial hours a day. It's the management companies policy that we search randomly with your consent. It's the health and safety at work legislation that keeps people from using our fire exits as impromptu seating. It's the sanity of the doorman (read the punters backside) being protected when he walks away from a 10 minute stream of (frankly quite hurtful) verbal abuse to be replaced by a more bored and more patient me.
It's not 'Da man' you soap dodging student-type on the verge of drink/drug induced paranoid psychosis. Get over it, it's far more dull than that!

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