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Monday, January 09, 2006

Just the one, two, three, foresight

Most people enjoy a drink, and some folk enjoy a drink more than others. Doormen & women are no exception to this except...

When working: 'No sir I haven't been stealing your drinks, I'm the stone cold sober one who's quite frankly appauled at the level of personal debasement your pursuit of alchohol has led you to.'

or alternatively
'Merry christmas/new year/new baby/hen night/promotion/retirement/clean GUM clinic test, do you want me to get you a pint?' Me, 'thanks but no thanks, I'm working/got the car/got a headache/got a day job too/got pills for an unclean GUM clinic test!'

When not working: Doorstaff can fall into one of a few categories.

Not indulging in imbibing due to the day-job/family pressures on time. Often the case with second jobbers/single parent doorfolk.

Not drinking but drugging. There's only so many chemicals you can pump into a muscleclad frame before the horse steroids and the tadpole hormones start mixing with the tequila to leave a very poorly blob behind.

Not drinking but working. These poor folks see the reduced hours of doorwork as a barrier to future prosperity so end up working all the nights and hours out there. 'Hey, it's doorwork, not hollywood, enjoy the work and don't expect a month in Bermuda'

The drinking, drinking, drinkgin boys. Always out when they're not working and sometimes out when they are meant to be working. Normally recognised by the extensive gut and jowls more commonly associated with St. Bernards.

Then there are the 'just the one' boys and girls. These folk will emerge periodically on a night off and throw a jar or two down their neck but they just don't seem to relax and always end up looking like undercover police. Always watching the crowd, turning to look at the loud noise by the bar, watching the doorstaff at work and generally looking wired. This is the peril of doorwork, you end up associating the fun and laughter of other folks out for a good night with adrenalin and wariness.
This can be avoided by a route through what is know as drink. A few pints later and the sky could be falling in but once you've a properly chilled doorman it'll take the raging inferno's of hell to get him moving. Often found sound asleep where you left them. More often found sleeping like a baby when the cleaners come round first thing in the morning.

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