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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank-you note

Only once, and I'm not sure just how sane the writer was. In the doorstaff closet, next to the rota's and the incredibly poorly written notes to doorstaff not to use their phones, was a thank-you letter.
It was from a thankful a punter, after having an asthma attack in the venue she had been swiftly and carefully treated by the doorstaff and her handbag found and returned to her. Not a massive thing in doorwork, just the kind of thing a professional team does on a nightly basis.
Very nice for someone to write in. Probably the only one who's bothered out of the thousands who we help. Some folks we go really out of the way for and barely get a nod good-night.
It was a nice little reminder every time we went out into the venue that at least one punter, once, even drunkenly, thought we did a good job.

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an.otherdoorman said...

A couple of weeks ago a gentlemen collapsed into our fire exit having what we believed was an asthma attack, we weren't entirely sure - so I called an ambulance on my mobile as our ZeroLink radio is somewhat broken. The guy was on the freezing cold concrete in our external fire-exit runway, so I gave him my long black warm coat to keep him warm.

Paramedics arrived, checked he was okay etc, the usual procedure, I asked politely for my coat back, to which he argued that it was infact his coat.. went on for a while, I eventually got my coat, the paramedics took him away..

Anyway, an hour or so later, I was back on the front door when the same chap came up and started kicking off with me over the coat I had stolen off him !!!

I'm envious of where you work, all the thanks i got for potentially saving the guys life was.. ''oi cunt, give me my fookin coat back!''...