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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Bloody Ho

Yes I'm full of the Bah-Humbug spirit. Too many drunken fools with too much spirit in them. The gentlemen seem just seem to be too drunk too early to even enter the venue. The ladies are worse.
Pretty as the lady might have looked in the poster in the window. Most of our female customers do not look good in cheap red sateen with white polyester fluff. Especially when a drink's been spilt down it and the fake tan has turned the white to dun. Similarly stockings may be festive but fishnets looking like chicken wire and muffin tops on the top of each thigh make me lose my appettite.
I'll be thankful for the time and a half. Apart from that I'll be thankful when it's over. Only tonight, boxing day, the saturday and then the new ears eve and new years day to get through 'til the students return and a sense of normality can return. And a full working week.


Anonymous said...

Ah well - nil carborundum etc.
So happy Christmas - that's the spirit( and a pun).

A Doorman's Girl said...

I wonder how many of the same outfit you do send up seeing! Had a discussion about this with my fella and he said the lads count how many times they see the same outfit bought from the same place and rate the mrs. santa's at this time of the year!!

well I guess you gotta keep yourself occupied somehow!


John D said...




an.otherdoorman said...

On the door tonight, Boxing Day. I'm not entirely sure what to expect, I took last Boxing Day off and I cannot remember the one previous.

Anonymous said...

Boxing day was very busy here,so was Saturday, thought punters would be saving it for the New Year. Got New Years day off, so thankful for that. New Years here is worse than Mad Friday, so looking forward to that. Get the students out, i agree with that, and to get back to a normal working weekend, amen to that.
The pub i work has got off really lightly this xmas, but it's down to the doorstaff i think. Several other venues nearby and the door staff have been hit hard by drink fuelled punters . Hope you make it through New Years fine, and any other door staff who read the blog too. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.