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Monday, December 08, 2008

Same old Tunes

Even through the ear defender and radio earpiece I get far more volume than I require. In the 10 years of working in clubs almost all of the music has changed. Is it any better? Is it any worse?
I couldn't really tell.
What the music in clubs does is attract folks in to dance. They dance to enjoy themselves, they dance to pull. That's the theory. Club managers decide to pay DJs an awful lot of money for a few hours performing on the decks. Some clubs like a pop and prattle style, others like non-stop banging tunes. The tricks to getting them to the bar, filling the dance floor or keeping them in towards the end of the night are all fairly standard gimmicks. Not rocket science and not foolproof but enough to fool most of the people most of the time.
Is it getting better? I couldn't really say, I don't listen to it. It's just a background, a simple distraction, it helps pass the time on a quiet shift but can drag if its missing the audience and only the drunks haven't noticed it yet.
I do have tunes I think are well produced, well crafted and so on.
I know what music I like but you won't hear it in clubs, it doesn't suit being played at screaming volume, it's not what you'd call readily accessible.

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Anonymous said...

As the Xmas party period appears on the horizon like a longboat full of vikings, you must shudder. Liquid lunches go on into the night, "What's your problem?! It's Xmas! We're jus' avin' a laff innit?" Pestering the DJ to play the same tune again and pissing off the bar staff. Fair enough, there's 3 or 4 good paying nights and the xmas bucket will be out. Other than that, I wouldn't enjoy the hassle that Xmas brings to you and doorstaff across the nation. There's a lot of good atmosphere and people are happier. Then there's the ones that can't handle it and you have to handle them. Fair play to you. I hope you get by alright and have more of the good than the bad. Merry Christmas : )Steve