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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The otha arf

Now working all the unsociable hours is a perk of work in the entertainment industry. While sheperds watch their flocks by night and everyone else without a tagging order gets themselves out and socialising, I'm getting showered and changed for a sober boring night watching over drunkeness, violence and vomit. This absence of a weekend night free and the ever present licensing laws mean I seldom get the chance to drink fine wines, discourse on matters of the world then shake my tail feather like a randy pig having a seizure.

On one such rare evening I encountered a very sweet and mad individual who after the progress of time became know colloquially as my, otha arf. Now with great good fortune I've been able to maintain the relationship to date without the pressures of never having any time to go out and socialise. I've been provider of food and knock up a lip smackingly good meal with little notice though exclusively enjoyed without the bacchanal pleasures due to inevitably a work engagement later in the evening. The reason for the ease of this relationship is the otha arf's employment. The wonderful world of liquid based entertainment enhancement technician is where the otha arf is employed. Bar staff to you or I. Late nights, the smell of stale beer and cigarettes in our hair, a distinct lack of rising for early mornings and a free exchange of drunken punter tales is proving a suitable combination.

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