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Thursday, February 16, 2006

All change

For the 4th time working in this city on the same venues I'm now working for a new company.
There seems to be an if it aint broke fix it approach to door companies with a perpetual, the grass is greener with us sales pitch. If a change of company brought with it an influx of new management, new policies and changes in working practices then maybe this would actually be something to herald. As it is, all it means is a new name on the payslip and possibly a new clip on tie. The problem is rooted in the finite number of suitably qualified folks living in a given place. This city has a finite and fairly steady number of watering holes calling upon a finite and fairly steady number of doorfolk to regulate these. Doorfolk come and go, venues open and close but the numbers are roughly stable. The same faces work the same doors for years at a time. This is a good thing for most management as the doorstaff know the regulars, the trouble makers and the distribution of the clientele and can save a lot of time and effort through this.

When a new company rolls into town, we don't get mass redundancies and lines of ex-doorfolk lining up at the jobcentre plus for cv makeovers. Instead we get the same folk working the same doors dealing with the same punters week after week with only a new clip on tie for their efforts and the confused look of the punters who recognise the change. Who'd have thought they'd pay so much attention to our ties.

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