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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friends and Mirrors

There seem to be two things missing in the lives of ladies in this town.
It's not opportunity to better themselves, two universities and a number or colleges of higher and further education.
It's not the retail experiences, we've streets of high street brands, shopping centres in and out of town.
It's not work opportunities, a string of national and multinational firms call this city home and some smaller government offices too giving the options of filling purses in many legitimate means.
We've got hostelries of every kind to entertain all kinds. There are opportunities for company of varied sorts, men, women and things uncertain.
What two goods the ladies of this town lack are friends and mirrors.
Mirrors would help avoid the dirty foundation line around the chin, the hair style that stops at the fringe. They would stop the clashing of colours and patterns, the short and lumpy tops, short and skirts that show bits best left hidden.
Friends would or should comment on all of the potential disasters above in such a way as to prevent a recurrence without diminishing the confidence of their perpetrator.
All it would take is friends and mirrors, a lot better than fake tan, fake hair and no concept of just how stupid they look.


al said...

intresting blog hope you dont mind ive put a link on my site

Anonymous said...

Your post is cruelly yet amusingly accurate.

I wonder if any of the ladies concerned will ever read it...

John D

Adoor Man said...

Al: You're welcome to link, I like your site and have linked back.

John D: Don't think many of the ladies concerned will bother reading this. Too many vacuous gossip pages and replays of reality tv to keep them amused on t'interweb.

Vetnurse said...

This lady reads it and can not stand gossip pages and reality tv.

The fake tan and fake hair goes along with their fake friends and fake lives.