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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Don't look now

After the unusually hectic halloween this post is not about that. It's not about the things you find in the toilets when checking, it's not the over-amorous couples whose hands keep disappearing.
It is instead the affect of alcohol on certain ladies at a certain point in the night. Usually after most of the customers have headed home for the night there will be some strange characters left. These ladies will have come in with friends, gotten merry and then by misadventure or desertion have ended up on their own. These ladies then decide it's time to find male company and will resort to any measures. That even includes draping them over all the internal doorstaff, one after another as they deflect the undesired attentions by swapping posts inside. They attempt to seduce the male punters left in the building. All the nice-ones and 'catches' have been caught leaving the intoxicated and defective filling in time 'til the music goes off.
This leaves these ladies, to dance on and on. Rubbing themselves, rubbing their clothes, rubbing up against people, rubbing against pillars. If you're working inside you'll clock them, avoid them and breathe a sigh of relief when they shuffle off.
Before this happens, when a colleague radios in or taps you on the shoulder and says "don't look now..." you know they'll be doing something so horrific that you'll actually have to eject them. I don't want to see some one 'getting their rat out' or fumbling a hand job on the dancefloor or draping themselves over one of the bars looking like a promo-girl from the 80's and scaring what custom is left out of the building.
When told not to look now, you just have to and then bleach your mind later.


an.otherdoorman said...

The question is, how many times have you faked getting a radio call through the earpiece to avoid these particular dregs?

Adoor Man said...

More times than you would think plausible. Occasionally I just hold my earpiece to my ear and sprint off into another room. I like to keep some variety.

an.otherdoorman said...

Indeed i've done the same, however this often comes unstuck when other security members see you running and follow you...

Anonymous said...

Just ignore the skanks, slags and hangers on.
If you're not man enough to say no to some end-of-night bag, then you deserve a nasty disease.
There's none of that on my door- a quick goodnight and out onto the street. By the way, do you have to put up with relief doorstaff?
If so whats your opinion on them?
So far i usually get lumbered with complete animals or idiots, not good enough to have a permenant door.