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Friday, September 22, 2006

My eyes (pt I)

There are things you should never have to witness.
This is part one of an occasional series where horrors from my line of work come back to haunt me and by means of spreading the love to you through this blog I take a little therapy.

Today's image scorched onto my retinas is almost literally so. In a dark club, you see a punter, fairly average size and drunkeness, finish his pint in a bit of a hurry to get himself onto the dancefloor for some banging tune.
You keep watching and as the song ramps up, the lights dim and the strobe lighting comes on. The pale white frames of stop motion show the instant when the punter stops his dancing amid the sea of writhing people and projectile vomits. I see the solid shaft of beer, bile and chunks of stomach lining fly straight above the heads of the crowd frame by frame. It freezes mid air in the repeated jerking frames of the strobe then falls onto the dancing crowd to cause untold woe.

The image of this frame by frame nightmare is very haunting. The incidident wouldn't have been note-worthy were it not for the stobe, 3kW of violent bright strobe lighting, burning it into my mind.


Ian Grey said...

You don't need strobe lighting to make projectile vomiting memorable.

In my youth, I was about to board a bus when a perfect parabola of puke projected gracefully over my shoulder, followed by the provider exiting in a hurry who then succeeded in slipping in his own slop and falling in a heap in the bus shelter. Just desserts...

Tom said...

No one seems to leave comments, so i thought I would just to say thanks for a good read a few times a week. I find more to read on here than in the Sun. Keep it up.

Gimlet said...

You don't seem to be getting a lot of comments, so I thought I'd let you know that there's at least one person out here reading and enjoying. Please keep it up.

CMT 3 said...

To be honest, as vile as it sounds I bet that was F***ing awesome to watch. Like when While E Caoytie ran over the cliff after the Road Runner waits a few seconds and then suddenly drops.