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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I See

Yes, it's cold.
No you can't have my coat, my hat, my gloves, my boots.

Yes, it's cold out.
No, I had noticed, I've been standing in it for two, three maybe four hours.

Yes, it's icy.
No, they haven't gritted it, they might be gritting bus routes and thoroughfares.

Yes, it's slippy.
I've been watching folk fall over all night.

Yes, it's cold.
It's bloody winter, you'd be stunned if it wasn't at 3 in the morning.


Fat Edgar said...

This actually made me laugh out loud. But yeah, I’m fairly sure there are some people out there who are generally surprised when sub zero temperatures impinge upon what they want to do.

Not on doors myself, so different set of customer (in my case patient) related experiences, but was getting a bit sick of being asked to push cars when people had *decided* to park in our clearly ice bound car park. Why can’t some people realise sub zero temperatures mean you might have to moderate your behaviour a bit?

Anonymous said...

to fat edgar, 2nd para,last sentence,because they are incapable of independant thinking.