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Monday, February 08, 2010

Lost n' Found

The list of things found in the deepest darkest corners of the nightclubs as you're clearing out the place is only bettered by the list of things found out in the unconcealed open.
The little triangular blue pills to help gentlemen turn up on the bar. The spent hamster mattress has shown up in a previous post. The bags/lines/wraps of coke that accumulate on the seats, tables and corners of the dancefloor are an all too common sight under a bright torch light. The bizarre however is by its very nature rare. The purse, lost on the main dancefloor, reported to us hours before, turns up at kicking out time, still full of cash, phone and keys. That was a massively unexpected event.
We do give folks the occasional surprise when we find their bank cards, digital cameras or the bits of the phones that disappear into the poorly lit gloom every time a handset is dropped. I carry a torch for that very reason. Well that reason and the fact that naughty stuff glows very white under a blue end of spectrum LED.
The lady who asked us to find her lost handbag was a little shocked that when we found a black faux leather clutch bag and decided to check for her ID, phone or some unique identifier before handing it over. Even more shocked were we when next to her ID, a very good photo, was a little clear bag half full of white powder. That customer doorman relationship turned on a sixpence at that point.


Anonymous said...

so what did you do with her little bag of white powder?

Adoor Man said...

The whole bag minus her very good match to her face ID went straight into an evidence bag. Sealed, signed and bag number noted in the incidednt log.
All while we invited her to wait for the police to arrive, having made them aware we had someone held on the premises.
As I say, a bit of a turn of direction in the relationship.

Anonymous said...

You can hold people against their will ?

Adoor Man said...

No you can't hold someone against their will unless you've directly witnessed an offence or are assisting someone who has.
We ask people to wait for the police to turn up and most do.

Adam said...

Is it legal to search property without the owners consent?

I was under the impression it wasn't and anyone had the option of either allowing the search or insisting on the police being present to perform the search (which obviously wouldn't have helped this woman much but still, I'd be interested to know)

Adoor Man said...

Anyone has a right to refuse a search of themsleves or their belongings. This matches the right we have to refuse or revoke them entry at any time.
The lost bag could have been anyones and to search it for ID or other identifying documents with witnesses watching the search is standard practice.