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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Put it away

When you work in a team, each brings their own skills and assets. They also bring their flaws.
One former colleague used to bring his love life to work. He was old enough to know better, had an ex-wife and kids. He also had a haircut not usually seen on anyone over 17.
He'd be energetic and keen at work, when stuff was kicking off or going to. He belonged to the 'he ran into my fist repeatedly' school of doorwork but wasn't at the top of the class.
He would however spend quiet nights having extended text flirts with his current stock of ladies. I think they may not have been very ladylike but they were female with a pulse and usually big shoes, fake blond hair and a conspicuous absence of sense. On some nights, I speculate here, but ones when he was out of battery he'd be chatting away to ladies, continuously. Not the 'how you doing?', 'what you been up to?' kind of nattering, more the 'do you wanna sit on my cock?'.
This got tedious when these lines worked. Instead of taking the early bath offered as the club calmed down, he often did this to drive his small loud car too fast to his lady for the night, he'd stay on, getting paid whilst sitting in a dark corner, ignoring his radio and getting some heavy petting done.
He wasn't the best fun to work with unless it was rammed and hectic. Every other time you just wish he'd taken the bromine rather than the pro-plus.

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Anonymous said...

I have been very lucky and only worked with roughly three skirt chasing doorstaff. One was very young who must think he's the mutts nuts to the young impressionable females out on the town. The worst one is the 40 something, divorced, beerbellied, sad and lonely man who seems to pull a virgin every weekend (sorry thats what he tells us). The guy who is repulsive and too slimey even for a slug to love, drooling over the young women, and even following them down the street, trying to get a phone number off them. Of course they never give him the number, we stand and watch the whole thing, but you can bet on it that he tells us he has their number when he comes back. It's sad to witness really.