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Monday, August 11, 2008


I find I get some cracking bruises.
In the heat of an incident I'll fly in and get a punter restrained. I'll remove them with differing levels of help and difficulty but they'll get gone. What amazes me is the bruises and injuries that I get. Unless it's something that relates directly to the situation I'll have blocked it out until I find it in the shower or in the gym the next day. Then I'll be there, poking into a bruise in inevitably a silly place for a week without any clue as to who, why or how I got it. The only thing that give me solace is that if I've got these the troublesome punters, even through the alcohol cloak of invincibility, will be waking up with worse.


an.otherdoorman said...

I seem to get less and less UDI's and more that I know about. Right now BOTH my hands are strapped up in someway due to two seperate incidents over two different weekends. brilliant.

Adoor Man said...

I keep knocking my thumbs backwards but it happens so often they almost don't swell anymore. If only I could use closed fists but then I'd be out of a job.

an.otherdoorman said...

Well exactly. Its hardly fair that THEY have no rules and WE do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, been reading your blog, and have found it very entertaining. I started back on the doors last year after a 10 year gap. I'm very surprised at younger people nowadays. I remember when i was young, if the door staff said no it meant no! On my return i find if they are told no / stop / leave that they can just carry on exactly what he/she/they are doing, and if questioned again it ends up in abuse and the offerings of a fight! Don't get me wrong i am loving my return to the job, but where has all the respect gone? Some of your past entries has left me a bit shocked ( mainly about new starters ). After 10 years no-one remembered me and i started work for a new boss and was sent to work straight on the front door of every pub / club / bar / nightclub i have worked. Oh yes it was a return (more like a trail by fire) as my first job was on the roughest nightclub in my town. Nothing like a gentle return to the job! As for punters i find nothing wrong with being polite as much as i can, so if removals do happen, i can tell them i have been polite all night to them so its only right that they are polite in return and leave quietly. Doesn't always work though. The worst violence i have witnessed so far is door staff on customers ( even one work collegue putting a womans head through a glass pane in a door). I left there shortly after. Anyway i have added your blog to my favourites list and look forward to your next entries.

Doorman A said...

This is a good blog. Like anonymous I am soon to return to the doors after a 5 year break. I am about to take N.V.Q. then apply for my badge. Can anyone tell me if I can start work on the doors when my application is in with the S.I.A ( before I get my badge )
I cant believe how much it all costs. It used to be £30 to the council and you got your badge. Christ, how the times have changed. I am expecting to see a big change in the role when I return. Any advice ????