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Saturday, April 26, 2008

My arse

My arse is mine. My partner likes it. I'm not averse to it. I do enough hard cardio work to keep it tight. Running up and down stairs with or without scrotes under my arms keeps it in shape.
It's mine, it's not there for drunk girls, ladies and things that I'm not sure should be seen out in public to grab. Walking past me as I stand in fixed place anything female after a few drinks thinks it's fine to grab a handful. It's not. Once, I'll let it slide, twice I'll have a word. Not a nice word. Anything more, you'll be leaving fast, even if I have to radio a female member of staff to take you out.
If I did it to customers, I'd be fired. If a man did it to a female doorstaff or barstaff they'd be out double quick. I'll give you a warning but then it's my butt, and it stops now.


Rick said...

Totally agree with you! Nothing worse than a drunken letch, male or female. Good blog by the way.

Fresh meat. said...

Alright man, just like to say cheers for writing your blog. I'm starting on the door on friday and I've found your blog really inspiring/insightful and appreciate you writing it.

cramerj said...

Blimey the hazards of some jobs. And i thought all you had to do was stand around and look menacing.