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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Keeping in

People have been getting fired left right and job-centre in the last couple of weeks. Not that doorwork has ever been a stable source of employment but I think the quiet of January may be the reason.

What does a manager do when they've got no-one in the club. They can't just hide in the office all month. Well they can but they tend to watch the cctv all night. This leads to small things getting up their noses. Then they fly out of the office in a cabin fever rage and start coming out with all sorts of excuses to get rid of doorstaff. The easy way to stay in the job is not to be the tallest fir-tree and of course to do your bloody job. That's not too tricky but that's why so many of the lads have been collecting their final payslips this month. Not me I'm glad to say. I don't think I'm indispensable, I'm competent and as such I'm hard to replace.

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