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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Now I work with in excess of 1000 people everynight, from generally the local area but often from far afield too, my immune system gets a fairly thorough pounding. I get exposed to all the latest variations of flu virus on a nightly basis and am lucky that my immune system seems ready for it.
I go away and and interact with only a select few healthy individuals and on my return a cold sets in. What gives?

Maybe I just can't cope without my regular dosage of new viral strains. This weekend I'll be standing on the door with a pack of tissues in my pocket, red nosed, bleary eyed and generally even more grumpy than you'd expect possible from a man who likes his customer service job.

This weekend I won't be needing to threaten physical force, my viral reproducing minions shall be spreading my wrath before me. Either this of the face like a bag of spanners at death's door will do its work and I'll get an easy few shifts. I'll keep you posted.

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